Belleville Disc Springs are used for a variety of applications. They are ideal where high load and/or low displacement are needed. These applications range from flange bolting, to shock absorption, as well as compensation for thermal expansion and contraction. Because of their size, Bellevilles also function well where space is restricted. Bellevilles are capable of obtaining both linear and non-linear load deflection characteristics, and allow for more delicate adjustments to meet load specifications. Bellevilles can also be made from a variety of materials that provide excellent spring characteristics as well as high thermal and corrosion resistance. The combination of these abilities makes Belleville Disc Springs highly versatile and able to fit most applications where a spring force is required. This section of our website will explain in further detail the use and design of these washers. Please feel free to contact our Engineering department with any questions.

We provide the following services for our customers as part of our standard operations:

  • Design Troubleshooting
  • New Concept design help
  • Coil & Helical Spring Conversions
  • Operating temperature data
  • Caustic & Chemical resistance data
  • Load vs. Deflection Information
  • Various forms of product testing
  • Fast turnaround on prototype projects