Belleville Spring Washers for the Petrochemical Industry

Many of the top recognized oil, gas and chemical producers are using heavy duty Belleville style spring washers for flange connections, helping to maintain safe operating environments and to reduce maintenance costs. For these flange bolting applications, Belleville International manufactures a line of Belleville washers designed to help control bolt stress and ensure proper gasket pressure is maintained. With a wide range of available materials, sizes and designs for various bolt sizes and end-uses, we are able to provide you with solutions to your flange connection issues.

Belleville Spring Washers in Action

Bolt stress can be lost for several reasons on flange bolts: embedment relaxation, gasket relaxation and creep, bolt creep, thermal expansion and contraction, and vibration. This loss of bolt stress can potentially cause bolted connections to loosen and allow the flange gaskets and seals to leak. Belleville springs combat this problem, as potential spring energy of the Bellevilles works to compensate for these factors, helping to keep the flanged connection tight and leak-free. Avoiding this loss of bolt stress will help prevent leaks and therefore reduces the amount of time that a maintenance department will spend to regularly tighten and torque the flange bolting, which allows maintenance personnel to focus their energy on other critical work areas.

Our Belleville washers are capable of service in cryogenic applications as low as -330 degrees F as well as high temperature applications, able to withstand high temperature environments up to +1500 degrees F. In addition to our standard H13 tool steel line, Belleville International offers a line of stainless steel and nickel-chromium alloys, capable of withstanding extended exposure in both caustic and corrosive environments.

Choosing the Right Belleville to Fit Your Needs

With such a wide variety of options for your Belleville needs, we’ll help you to determine the size, material, item and quantity that you need for any purpose. Belleville International’s team of engineers are available to assist you in choosing the right product or developing a custom solution for any service function you may require. We pride ourselves on stellar customer service and superior quality, so the team is always ready and willing to help!