Flow Control Components in Valve Applications

The production team at Belleville International is committed to developing the highest quality components and is continually involved in both the manufacturing and design of flow control components.   Our products are found throughout the world in such industrial environments as power plants and nuclear power generation facilities, which use components such as butterfly and check valves.  We also serve the petroleum industry, as petroleum refining facilities and petrochemical production facilities.

From live-loading applications with belleville washers to seat locking rings and other flow control components, we strive to provide you with the highest quality parts for your critical applications.


Belleville disc springs are an important design component and serve a critical purpose in various types of flow control valves.   Over time, there can be a loss of packing load due to factors such as natural compression set of the packing material, repetitive thermal shocking, and high cycle wear.  To combat this, stacked arrangements of smaller diameter Belleville spring washers are used to ensure proper load pressure on the gland packing, called “live-load”.  The stored spring force from the belleville compensates for the packing load loss, helping to reduce potentially dangerous leaks and emissions thus maintaining the valve’s operating efficiency while reducing maintenance costs.

This live-load application of the belleville washers can also be found in the body of the valve.  Adequate pressure between the ball and seat rings is essential for optimal performance.  If too little pressure is provided, leaking could occur around the ball.  With too much pressure on the ball seat, excessive wear will become a problem.  The use of belleville washers to live load the ball seat will also provide the added benefit of compensating for thermal changes and material wear over time, maintaining a proper load on your ball seat.


Belleville International is a leading supplier of flow control components to the severe service and zero leakage ball valve industry, including parts such as:

  • Body Gaskets
  • Body Seals
  • Seats or Seat Holders
  • Seat Locking Rings
  • Gland Flange
  • Travel Limiting Belleville Washers

For special applications, we will also provide you with price quotes on some of the many similar components that you may need to outsource for specialized functions.  Belleville International aims to meet your needs, whether those needs involve a few components or enough to conduct the business of your company.